Policy & Procedures

Develop and update policies and procedures related to staff, volunteer, committee, and client conduct.

Chairperson: Pete Richardson

Meal Coordination

Coordinate the preparation and serving of all nightly meals through the engagement of volunteers.

Chairperson: Verla Decker

Fundraising & Marketing

Manage all social media and online platforms and work to engage individual and corporate donors. 

Chairperson: Krista Parenti

Overflow Shelters

Coordinate with other churches to establish overflow shelter locations for the warming center season.

Chairperson: Ben Campbell


Work with all shelter staff to develop job descriptions and duties, and establish how to best serve shelter clients.

Chairperson: Elena Eckert


Maintain the shelter's budget, income, and expenditures, ensuring that the shelter is always financially sound.

Chairperson: Pete Richardson


Track client and shelter data for for staff records, donor information, and grant applications.

Chairperson: TBA

Donations & Supplies

Manage all donations and supplies for the shelter and its clients, including emergency clothes and hygiene products.

Chairperson: Donna Williams

Facilities & Laundry

Maintain appearance and upkeep of shelter facilities and ensure that all bedding and towels are laundered regularly.

Chairperson: Connie Cochran

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Clients Served Since April 1, 2019: