With Us

Launder Bath Towels & Bedding

Bath towels used by guests for showers and bedding on all beds need to be laundered. Volunteers in this role pick up these items from the shelter, launder them, and return them to the shelter in a timely manner. Reach out to us to learn more.


One of the most essential ways volunteers can assist Bethel is by preparing and serving meals to guests entering the shelter each night. Meal preparation and serving at the shelter is entirely volunteer-driven and would be impossible without those willing to step up and give back. Over the past 14 years, hundreds of groups, families, churches, businesses, and civic organizations have signed up to carry out this essential task. 

Follow the link below to sign up.

Breakfast Serving

We serve Sunday morning breakfast every week at 7:30 to accompany the weekly Sunday School class we hold for our interested guests. If you would like to sign up to provide breakfast during this time, click the link below to learn more.